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Meizu MX Hardware Specs

This is a discussion on Meizu MX Hardware Specs within the Meizu MX Rooting & Modding forums, part of the Meizu MX category; courtesy Archon and chengdude If someone wants to help please hunt down specification PDFs for every chip listed here, thanks ...

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    Meizu MX Hardware Specs

    courtesy Archon and chengdude

    If someone wants to help please hunt down specification PDFs for every chip listed here, thanks

    CPU + GPU package: Samsung Exynos 4210 + MALI-400 GPU + 1GB LPDDR2 1066MHz

    Probably will be supported as new patches are being pushed by Samsung
    (also see 3D GPU part driver effort -- here and here)

    User storage: SanDisk16GB SDIN5C1 iNAND

    Seems supported via s3c-mshci and s3c-sdhci

    Power management: Maxim MAX8997


    fuel gauge IC MAX17042
    Add MAX17042 Fuel Gauge Driver - Initial Release []

    Audio: Wolfson WM8958

    a derivative of wm8994

    earSmart™ A1028 Voice Processor

    Only previous version A1026 available, hopefully mostly compatible

    8mp rear camera sensor: Sony Exmor R CMOS with f/2.2 lens

    Accessed via MBG048 Fujitsu ISP

    0.3mp front camera: OmniVision CameraCube

    Probably accessed directly - spec sheet PDF

    Camera Image Signal Processor: Fujitsu MBG048

    Could this be it?

    "Fujitsu mobile Milbeaut M-5MO [MBG043] advanced ISP takes advantage of its enhanced processing capabilities to manage pre- and post-processed image data from image sensors. Its new Affine transformation function compensates for image distortion at a pixel level, caused by optical anomalies. The ISP also supports image sensors with MIPI interfaces for high-speed data transfer."

    MBG048 is actually Fujitsu M-6MO, source code to be found in tf201 kernel source code:

    SiI9244 MHL Transmitter with HDMI Input -- Silicon Image 9244B0
    Fingers crossed, seems to be supported, see xda-developers link:

    GPS receiver: u-blox G6010NT

    Seems to be closed sadly:

    How it works

    .so seems to be 21k in size and contains routines that implement a proprietary optimized modem protocol IIUC

    Electronic 3-axis compass: AKM AKM8975-C

    Looks good:

    WiFi & Bluetooth: Broadcom BCM4239
    It seems it's more 4329 than 4239, if so, should be supported

    Touch controller: Atmel maXTouch MXT224E

    seems to be supported in drivers/input/touchscreen/atmel_mxt_ts.c
    or here as drivers/input/touchscreen/qt602240_ts.c

    LCD Panel - Sharp ls035b3sx01

    We need specification sheet for this LCD panel desperately -- controlled via MIPI DSI controller driver

    Accelerometer: STM-LIS3DH
    Looks good:
    [PATCH] input: lis3dh: Add driver for lis3dh accelerometer -- Linux Input

    If we are lucky, it will be possible to use Modem commands in order to use:
    RF transceiver: Infineon (now Intel) PMB5712 SMARTi UE2
    Baseband processor: Infineon (now Intel) X-Gold 626 [PMB9811]
    Memory stack: Toshiba Y8A0A111434KA (absolutely nothing on Google or Baidu about this part)
    GSM + 3G: Still some questions here, but RF Micro Devices RFMD6260 is involved

    Quote from ACE9090 AMOD 3.5G manual (similar design, uses X-Gold 616):
    There must be a USB device with ID: 1519:0020 (VID:PID, vendor ID: Product ID)
    Also see iPhone 4 related post

    All Linux driver notes: needs to be checked by means of compiled kernel

    U-Boot notes: required board smdkc110 -- SMDKC110 - Official Reference Board for Samsung S5PC110 Git - u-boot/u-boot-samsung.git/summary
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