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Apple snide remark to Meizu?

This is a discussion on Apple snide remark to Meizu? within the General Meizu M8 forums, part of the Meizu M8 category; Ive just watched the "Back to mac" apple event and at the start Steve is talking about apple stores then ...

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    Apple snide remark to Meizu?

    Ive just watched the "Back to mac" apple event and at the start Steve is talking about apple stores then goes on about Chinese apple stores. He says that the apple stores in China are more popular there than anywhere else in the world. I think this was a snide remark to Meizu about Meizu stores, am i just mad or does anybody else think this?
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    Lately Steve is spreding not very accurate information, based on his own LIFE knowledge and not on real statistics, as Blackberry did showed us a few weeks ago.... So don't trust anything he says about statistics And by the way, it seems that Engadget is catching everything he says as a 100% truth, because 9 out of 10 posts there are about apple... And if something about android occurs, so comments are anyway about HOW familiar to apple products it is... I'am really getting tired of this Apple products mania...And how everyone is defending that company.
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    I don't think it's directly aimed at Meizu, but more to show investors that they are doing the right things, so that AAPL stock price can continue to soar.

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    It's not a snide remark, it's the truth...or at least the truth as spun by Apple.

    Fact is, the Nano has always been among the top selling music players in China (sorry Meizu). There were hundreds of thousands (I remember reading around 400,000 in 2008) of jailbroken iPhones running on China Mobile's network even before Apple officially started selling the iPhone in China. There is a robust Chinese developer network for apps, both targeted at the local and international markets. Heck, I even read about schools opening to teach people how to write apps for iOS.

    And Apple hasn't even gotten rolling in China. It's just the beginning. Apple is no different from any other company: Follow the money to China. They're in a little better shape, though, because they've got the hard cash to spend on building the brand. They also have the advantage of being so closely allied with Foxconn, a company that, by itself, could almost form a mid-sized city and is politically extremely well-connected.

    You can point to statistics about Android beating Apple all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that Apple is a one-company, laser-focused, marketing juggernaut at the peak of their powers...and profitability. And China is perfect for Apple as the country has replaced Japan as the nouveau riche, conspicuous consumption center of the universe. OK, true, much of the country is still conspicuously impoverished, but when you have 4x the population of the US, the numbers are still impressive. Then there's the "urban hip" and growing creative industries factors to consider...remember, that wasn't a Lenovo laptop in those photos we all saw of the dudes at Eico Design checking out the M9. But even discounting all of that, most Chinese consumers are also no different from any others: They like high quality goods that work well.

    The only remaining challenge for Apple is to better cater to and integrate with Chinese sensibilities. As I've said before, it would be a PR disaster if Apple suddenly starts acting like they -and they alone- own the markets in which they compete. No one in China likes an uppity foreigner. If they go after clone factories churning out fake MacBook Airs and iPhones, OK, that's one thing. Companies like Meizu, on the other hand, need to man up and fight back...even if they lose, the PR and the debate it would trigger would be priceless.

    So Jobs has every reason to brag about Apple in China; I just hope Chinese regulators -and consumers, of course- don't allow the company to steamroll homegrown companies that are really trying to innovate and move up the food chain...even if they've needed to "borrow" a little along the way.
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