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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Updating the Mini Player Firmware

  1. Unzip firmware files (M6.EBN and resource.bin) to anywhere on your computer.
  2. Turn the miniPlayer on and connect it to computer through USB.
  3. Copy firmware files in miniPlayer's root directory (The directory containing the folders MUSIC and PICTURE).
  4. Disconnect miniPlayer from computer and turn it off.
  5. Wait for a few seconds and turn it ON, you will see the screen displaying “Upgrading Software Please wait...”
  6. Let it work and wait for player to turn itself OFF.
  7. Turn it on again, miniPlayer will update the resource and startup as usual again.
Some firmware updates will format the player, so if you get a green screen error on step 7, simply connect the player to the computer and copy over resource.bin again.

Resetting the Player

Press and hold the Enter button for about 10-20 seconds or until screen quickly flashes. After the flash, Mini Player will be turned off. You have now performed a simple reset and can proceed to turn the player on again.

Performing a Hard Reset

Press and hold the ON/OFF and the “>>|” buttons together and until player turns OFF itself. All data will be lost.

Formatting the Player

Press and hold the ON/OFF and the “|<<” buttons together and until player turns OFF itself. You will need to load firmware files before this.

Modify / Skin the Meizu M6 Firmware

Use the applications provided here at; ResourceEditor 1.0 or ResourceEditor 1.01. Using these applications you will be able to modify the resource.bin file, to change the look of your miniPlayer simply by replacing existing images with your own ones. There is also the possibility to replace phrases, creating new system languages for the miniPlayer. More information: How To: Modify/Skin the Firmware

Installing a Skin

Download and extract the skin. Check first if the skin version matches the version of your player. When all is set, transfer the resource.bin file of the skin into your player's root (The root folder is where the other folders; such as MUSIC and PICTURES lie) folder. Finally, restart your miniPlayer and you will see that a new skin has been applied!

Scrolling / Reading e-Books

The Meizu M6 supports E-Books in the .txt format only. There's no menu option to read E-Books in the miniPlayer. To access them, you have to use the BROWSER option and search for the folder in which you saved your E-Books, press enter on the desired one and OK on prompt window.

To scroll down and up while reading, tap the M key or ENTER key lightly, this will take you to the next or previous page.

Connect Mini Player to Computer

If you want to transfer files or update firmware, turn on the Miniplayer first, then connect the mini USB plug into the player and normal USB connector into an available port in your computer. If player is off while connected, it will only charge the battery.

Change System Language

  1. Turn on the player.
  2. Click on Menu button until you enter the Main Menu.
  3. Select the second-to-last option.
  4. For firmware version 2.XXX, select the seventh option. For firmware 1.XXX, select third option.
  5. Select the language you want to use.
  6. Done!

Understanding the Serial Number

Here is a common SN for Mini Player: MNTP02GFHAVEY0489
  • MN: Mini Player
  • TP: Hardware version (TP)
  • 02G: Memory size (2GB)
  • F: Year
  • H: Month
  • A: Date
  • VEY: Random code
  • 0489: Serial Number for specific date

Recovering a Dead Player Using DFU Tools

This guide is only valid for Meizu M6 TP and SP versions. Owners of the new Meizu M6 SL, please refer to this article: Found Working DFU Tool For M6SL.

DFU Tools lets you recover your player if this suffered a problem and is not longer working. This should be the last option, so you have to try the different resets before using this tool. Here's a list of things you need to do to recover your player using DFU Tools:
  1. Install DFU Tools on your computer (only available for Windows).
  2. Copy the firmware (Use firmware version 1.009 for best results) files (M6.EBN and resource.bin) to the directory where the DFU Tool is installed.
  3. Press and hold Power button and M button, then connect to PC using the USB cable.
  4. Before that Windows New Hardware Wizard will appears, asking if you want to connect to Windows Update to check for drivers, click on “No, not this time”. Click on next.
  5. The next screen of the wizard asks if you want to install automatically or using a specific location (advanced). Select the advanced option, and then click next.
  6. Check the 'Include this location in the search' option and specify the directory where DFU Tools is installed, after that, click next.
  7. Let windows finish installing drivers. Once drivers are installed, you can use the DFU Tools.
  8. Run the application and then click Download. When this is complete click close.
  9. Disconnect your Miniplayer from PC and turn it on.
  10. Screen will be green and return an error now, you will have to install the firmware again. After that your player will be fine again.
Note: The two buttons should be pressed and held through the entire process.

Can I Replace the Internal Battery?

No, you can't, attempting this will void your warranty. You can send Mini Player to your seller in case battery is not working properly granted that you are not misusing your player.

Can I Install Games and Applications on Mini Player?

No, firmware will not interpret or understand applications loaded to Mini Player, you will be able to keep them as files only.

Can M6 Play Other Video Formats Instead of Only AVI?

No, you have to convert files to AVI using tools provided on

Does the M6 have an FM Transmitter?

No, Mini Player is not capable of sending out radio signals itself. This was misreported by some gadget news websites. However, you can plug in a FM transmitter to do it.

Black Screen, But Hearing Clicking Sounds While Using Touchpad

Hearing the click means your Mini Player is working, you must try a Reset or in worst cases a Hard Reset to get it working again.

Difference Between SP and TP Players

The M6 has had multiple editions.

The first edition was called T1 (batch one) and had some problems. Sometimes control over the touch strip could be lost.

TP can be called the final version of the Mini Player. It uses a screen from Toshiba.

SP is the latest version. It is cheaper than TP because Meizu decided to use a cheaper Samsung screen, rather than the one from Toshiba in TP players. Apart from the screen differences, SP players are less than half a millimeter thicker than TP ones.

Some gadget news websites have reported additional differences between SP and TP players incorrectly.

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